Episode 11

Published on:

10th Dec 2021

Meditation: Experiencing Your True Self

Time for a little meditation.

This is an invitation to meet yourself in the silence that is your formless nature.

To listen to the silence within you and allow it to tell you its story, to experience the pure essence of your soul, and allow the intelligence of your true nature to reveal itself to you.

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About the Podcast

The Human Connection Movement Podcast
Exploring how the challenges we face in our lives uncover hidden treasures which guide us towards embracing our highest potential.
The Human Connection movement podcast explores how the challenges we experience within our lives are guiding us towards embracing our highest potential.

You will hear fascinating stories of how our greatest challenges often reveal themselves to be our greatest gifts.

Each interview will explore what it took for each guest to triumph against exceedingly impossible odds to step into their highest potential.

You will notice a recurring theme with many guests reflecting how their deepest treasures were often hidden within plain view, but how they were only able to uncover what those treasures were through the challenges that they had faced.

Steven Spielberg once famously said "your instincts, your human personal intuition—always whispers; it never shouts"

This podcast will become a roadmap for you to find the path back home to yourself. You'll come to an understanding for that in which you are seeking, already exists within you and that you're always exactly where you need to be.

This podcast is hosted by Igor Kreyman - Founder of The Human Connection Movement.

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